The electronic travel authorization for Thailand (Thailand Evisa) is meant to allow nationals of eligible countries to enter Thailand mainly for tourism.

By the end of 2018, the Thailand Evisa will be available for citizens of France, China, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Nationals from one of the above who hold a valid passport will be able to apply for an Thailand Evisa which will enable them to travel in Thailand for 30 days.

By 2019, it is expected to have more countries added to the list of eligible countries for the Thai Visa.

The Thailand Evisa is an easy and fast way for tourists to apply for their electronic travel authorization by completing the online form. If the form is completed with the correct information, the approved Thailand Evisa will be sent to the applicant by email.

Countries forming part of the visa exemption scheme for Thailand can travel visa-free in Thailand for up to 30 days. Please note that if you travel for a longer, then you will require a Thailand tourist visa.